Friday, 18 August 2017

Travel Thursday - Girls weekend - Rotorua 10k, desertgasm, friendly kitty visitor, excellent coffee and a nice scenic stroll

1. Rotorua, known for its geothermal activity and traditional Maori village settlement, it's a major tourist trap hence the helipad and multiple sea plans waiting for rich sight seers. Rotorua is also known for stinking of rotten eggs from all the sulfur!
2. Check out this sweet bicycle tree: made from bicycles gifted from residents in Rotorua it's designed to highlight the city's growing reputation as the southern hemisphere's mountain biking capital. Plus it just looks cool.
3. The garden outside the restaurant Atticus Finch is next level awesome.
4. the INSANE deserts at Ciccio

Us four girls were in Rotorua for the Half Marathon (Angela did the 21k walk, Michelle and I the 10k run and Gillian the 4k walk) but we only enter events for the deserts. These pictures don't show how RIDICULOUSLY MASSIVE the slices of cake are, like 5 inches tall!
Apple and custard doughnut - it tasted a billion times better than it looks and it looks GOOD!

They do cake orders too - I had to take a picture of these cute sugar paste shoes.

We stayed at a Holiday park and received a visit from this little friend (left) He kept walking away and making me follow along to pat him, he looks just like our pusscat Norman on the left.

After the event Michelle had to go but Angela, Gillian and I went BACK to Ciccio for one of their fabulous Freakshakes. The 3 of us shared this cookies and cream one and it was still too much, imagine having one to yourself!

After our shakes we headed back to Tauranga, the girls stayed another night at my place. We got delicious coffees from the food van along the boardwalk and then headed out around the base track of Mauao - a big hill at the end of town that forms a natural harbour with an adjoining island Matakana - Mauao means "caught by the rising sun" read the legend here.

Look at those views!

We got medals but forgot to take a selfie with all of us! Never mind, we have our memories.

Happy travels everyone.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.