Sunday, 24 March 2013


Anyone for CAKE?

I was looking through my Dropbox and came across some photos that I had forgotten all about and thought might tickle you ;-)
I made these for my nieces 14th birthday - My sister alerted me to the idea with some pictures on my Facebook wall.  Gotta love that Flake heel ;-)
67th Birthday cake I made for Dad - Because he's the king of the castle (we let him think)
 Farewell cake for Lewis "I'm not Mooo-ving far" geddit?
For my Bestie Jacqui - who is a nurse - A medical themed CAKE
Complete with: Stethoscope, band-aids, A pill bottle that says "take one with food"
and a SANITARY PAD - cause that's how I roll.  BTW it was a delicious cake ;-)
I painted this to donate to a charity auction - The Waikato where I'm from in New Zealand is cow farming Country - so I thought this was fitting subject matter!  That's the Waikato river running past behind the cow and Hamilton - my home town - in the background.

My latest picture - just finished it today, paint is wet.  Just did this for fun.

Hope you like the random pictures.