Monday, 7 August 2017

Sunday Instagram catch-up: BANANAS/ Charity Bakes-sale cupcakes/ Boots boots boots, stupid winter/ Historic Village Market - new leather jacket - hit 1000kms on the new car/ New Painting.

Hi everyone!
I haven't blogged for a week because I am lazy! I've just fired up the laptop now to return all the lovely comments left behind on my last instagram catch-up! So here's last week...

1. Bananas growing in Tauranga, New Zealand. New Zealanders eat the most bananas by head of capita than anywhere in the world - 14 kilos each person every year!
2. Made 43 cupcakes for a charity bake sale at work - made $172! Which is nothing to sneeze at.
3. Sick of wearing boots to keep the toes warm - when will it be SUMMER!?
4. On Sunday we went to the Historic Village Market to pick up fruit and veges... I ended up thrifting an Italian leather jacket and buying a laundry hamper... was fun though - we also hit 1000 kilometers on our new car!
5. Started a new painting...

and now it's finished.

How was your week everyone?
Did you achieve all your goals or were you a slack bum like me?

Happy Instagramming all

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.