Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Happy Sunday Cats
True dat!

These memes are everywhere and kinda silly - but they always make me LARF!

Shoesday 9.April

I thought we could have a funny Shoesday today...

Get the clean underwear ready...
 Yes I do...
Christian Louboutin - Fontaine
Glitter - Check!  Candy Stripe - Check!  Turquoise bow - Check!



I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Today I'm off on a train to London for 2 days, then flying to Edinburgh for 4 days, then back to London for 4 days, then to Swindon for a couple - and for this I need to PACK like Steven Seagal - Aka, like a NINJA ASSASSIN.
 It's all gotta fit in this bad boy...

100ml containers for shampoo, conditioner and Sea salt spray!  You're only allowed to take ten 100ml liquids!  I've already got eleven without trying!

Bought these in Carmarthen the other day > >
Travel size of my  skin care regimen.

Sea salt spray, Shampoo, Body wash, face wash, toner, night and day creams, conditioner, BB Cream.  Face wipes and deodorant aren't counted.  BUT - what about tooth paste?  I still need a travel size dry Shampoo - that's eleven already! #stressmounts.
I've packed my handbag!

I chose this bag for it's fantastic compartmentalisation!  It has more pockets then an army flack jacket!

Gloves (might be snowing in Scotland), Oyster card, cell and Ipod (gotta have me tunes), Ear buds, 2 lipsticks, Lip balm, perfume oil, hand cream (12th liquid!!) Chewing gum, band-aids (heel wearers savior) Mirror - everything in a cute little pouch so it doesn't all get lost in there.

I've decided I only need 2 necklaces (then I can buy more while I'm away) and one bangle.  For hats I have a warm one (wooly one with rose) and a cute one (red newsboy cap)

< < This is my outfit for the train to London

* White Blazer - Zara
* Pink mini - M&S
* Scarf - Lakeland
* Leggins - Select
* Tops - Witchery
* Necklace - Tenby
* Bangle - Boutique in Cambridge (NZ)
* Heels - New Look

I just bought this skirt the other day - I LOVE it, such a bright color and the fabric is quite thick and kind of wooly - so its a mini skirt, but it is warm.

It's going to be a varied few weeks so I need my packing to multi task.  I'll be walking around doing touristy things #saintPaulsCathedralHolla, I've got 2 high teas in London (gotta dress fancy for that) and Ange and I are going to try fit in some jogging = clothes I can sweat into #euw

 Ive only packed 2 pairs of shoes!!  The heels and my blue converse All Stars.  Thinking I might bring my knee high boots as well if there's room once it's all in there.

I've sort of made a list of things I'll do while away - one thing I have found to be a total saving grace in a new city is my Android smart phone and Google maps!  You can type in an exact address and star it on the map so you don't forget all the places you want to see!  I bought a giffgaff sim card and bought the 12 pound goody bag on pay as you go. I get unlimited texts, 250 minutes of calls and unlimited mobile internet - so the only thing I have to worry about is my battery dying!  If you're here even just for 2 weeks I would recommend buying a UK sim card unless you have a great deal with your mobile provider for overseas roaming - it can end up costing you thousands depending on what you use your internet for.

Wow - this is the most writtey post I think I've ever written!  Hope I didn't bore you guys!

 I will be away from the blog, still posting but probably won't have much time to respond to comments, or visit your blogs - but I will miss you guys!! - I get email alerts on my phone when you leave a comment so if ya want feel free to get in touch :-D

You can see my real time exploits on Instagram @crimsonking1984

Hope you guys have a great two weeks and I'll see you all real soon :-D

♥ ♥  Paula Shoe Fiend ♥ ♥

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hey hey it's Shoesday!!!!

So for Shoesday today...
I thought I would profile a SHOE designer and since you guys LOVED this shoe:
Via Matter of Style
I've made it...
Former colleague of (Amazeballs) shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood - who remains her mentor and provides production facilities - Sophia's Autum Winter 2013 collection was inspired by a trip to Brazil.

Via: Boy meets Fashion.
The colorfully painted homes and their prints - aztec, Leopard print, polka dots and hearts.
Via: Boy meets Fashion.
"My shoes are for women who want to express their personality through their shoes and will appreciate and enjoy them."
 “single soles, feminine lines and strong silhouettes.”
 Super Cute heels - I smell a DIY.   Via: Boy meets Fashion.

 "The thing I admire the most about any designer is the way they draw," she said. "I think that because my first love was always art, the sketching process is what I find most enjoyable and interesting. I really admire Manolo Blahnik and Edmundo Castillo - they are two shoe designers whose sketches I feel really tell a story and give the shoe a personality through the way they draw."

Sophia Webster via:

<Cute campaign pics>
Via: Fashionista

If you've got some spare skrilla check her out online at Net-a-Porter.
Will be stocked at Dover Street Market and Havey Nichols
Via: Boy meets Fashion.
  What do you think?

Was this a good Shoesday or what? 

Claire's - Sensing a theme


Just a few little things I bought in the Claires outlet store in Swindon, everythings HALF PRICE!
 Super cute bangle - with a busy bee.
 This necklace is super cute - but REALLY long.
Think it will look good with a plain summer dress.
 Berry pie on a fork - with ANTS.  OMG

 My haul: what do we think?  Did I do good?

Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Summer - The advertising.

So when I picked up my issue of Grazia UK today and had a flick through, something stood out to me - The Advertising!  I often stop to browse the ads and lately I've noticed a lot of NAFF advertising #cough Roberto Cavalli... but amongst the rough comes a diamond or two, Moschino especially stood out:

 60's inspired = Awesome

Gucci are always on the spot.  
          Plus I LOVE Anja
These black sandals are off the chain.
 Obsessed with Cara Delevigne!

Loving the Birth Contol Glasses - she looks hot though.
 Michael Kors
 How insane are the studs on this Handbag?  The window display in the Covent Garden boutique was full of these bags in all their candy colors.  Was very eye catching!

I do love me some Michael Kors - don't you?

Happy Sunday everyone - hope you have a great week!