Friday, 8 March 2013


Swindon - it's waaay better than you think

Ok, so my sister lives in Swindon and EVERyone always asks "why?"
And I have decided to answer the question the best way I know how - through interpretive pictures... 

Situated in the old Rail warehousing - this place boasts some serious brands:
*Next *Gap *Hugo Boss *Ralph Lauren *Kurt Geiger and the forever lovely *Ted Baker.

Plus they have these giant lego sculptures ..?
 Kurt Geiger Platform Heel with studs.
 Osprey London Handbag!
Me photographing my feet...
 These are similar to some "to-die-for heels" off Shoe Mint
But as they don;t ship out to the UK I have to make do with these pale imitations!
I didn't buy them though as the heels were too slippery - Might have to do a DIY
or stalk them on Ebay >:-( 
 Next outlet - blazer and neon Nailpolish.
This blazer is endlessly versatile - but not very well made :-(

Neon yellowy green - you gotta love it
Lakeland - generally leather products but I couldn't resist this cute hand knitted scarf
It's so warm too!
Cosmetics Company - Discounted Make-up
 Clinique - High Impact Mascara
Smashbox - Eye shadows for Hazel eyes.  Soft and smoky trio.
Step Two: Head into town...
You can't go past the British high street... and I was no exception - picked me up 3 cute printed things at H&M

 Dress, Leopard print cardi and Neon Leopard print shirt.
Outfit posts to come ;-)
I also picked up 2 cardis and 2 skirts at Gap outlet but this post is becoming picture heavy ;-)

Step Three:  Head to the Tented market.

Image via Google image search - theirs was better than mine ;-)
There are one of these in every town in Britain - they're little stall shops in a big building.  There's always at least ONE used vinyl stall - in swindon there were TWO:
* Blood on the Tracks 
*Music Mayhem
I picked me up:

King Crimson:
Discipline* &
Three of a Perfect Pair*
*Images via Google Image Search.

What do you think?  Did I convince you of Swindon's unique charms?


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lolly's of Tenby

Any one for a boiled Sweet?

And today in other news...
So I have written about Tenby before
Today while minding my own business - I wandered past a little Tenby treat.

Look at all the lollys!!
Sour Apples, Pineapple Rocks, Cola Mega Lollys and Cherry Sours.
Tenby mega mix in a cup.  
I spent 5 Pound... but now I'm flush with delicious candy ;-)
Happy HUMP DAY party people.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Joanne Stoker for Dune


So as soon as I saw these sandals in this weeks Look Magazine (UK) I was in LOVE!  
They're Joanne Stoker for Dune, a UK high street brand.  Joanne has quite the shoe pedigree having worked for Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo.
I've been on the Dune website but I can't find them!  Thanks to for all the pictures.  So I can't leave you with a link, but I'm thinking... why buy when I can DIY?
I've experimented with DIY on two pairs of shoes previously
I found the process endlessly enjoyable - more so than wearing the end result!
End Result of my shoe DIY.

Was thinking of maybe using these girls - think they could do with a little more neon and glitter...?
Although I am a fan of the suede on these shoes...
Joannes sketches.

Dunes promotional photos for the collection
This bag is actually a potential DIY as well...
All pictures are from A London blogger I came across in my search for information on Joanne Stokers collection for Dune.

What do you think of the collection?