Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Shoesday Tuesday - shopping list for someone who is NOT shopping

So I have put myself on a serious shopping diet. I've unsubscribed from all the shopping emails and when I think I want to buy something - I just tell myself I don't need it!
However I am only human and some things have caught my eye.

1. We went to see Baby Driver at the movies Sunday and I walked past these divine blue velvet over the knee boots... Don't know how practical they are but they're SUPER pretty.
2. I saw these shoes first in a catalog and as I'm a fan of the Stella McCartney originals I really liked the dupe, but with the added blush pink and rose gold stars. However in store they seem a lot higher than maybe is practical.
3. I already own black velvet ankle boots but they were cheapies and these are better made... 
4. This divine leather backpack by Deadly Ponies - a New Zealand based leather bag company. They've collaborated with 'My Little Ponies' - I may have to snap one of those up.

It was only launched last Thursday and it's already SOLD OUT.

What are you guys lusting after?
Every blogger and their mums are rocking straw bags - I want one but I cant tell whether that's a real emotion or if it's just their ubiquity that's tantalized me

How about you guys? Anything on your lists?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend