Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Summer - The advertising.

So when I picked up my issue of Grazia UK today and had a flick through, something stood out to me - The Advertising!  I often stop to browse the ads and lately I've noticed a lot of NAFF advertising #cough Roberto Cavalli... but amongst the rough comes a diamond or two, Moschino especially stood out:

 60's inspired = Awesome

Gucci are always on the spot.  
          Plus I LOVE Anja
These black sandals are off the chain.
 Obsessed with Cara Delevigne!

Loving the Birth Contol Glasses - she looks hot though.
 Michael Kors
 How insane are the studs on this Handbag?  The window display in the Covent Garden boutique was full of these bags in all their candy colors.  Was very eye catching!

I do love me some Michael Kors - don't you?

Happy Sunday everyone - hope you have a great week!