Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Nails!!!

So after watching CutePolish's easter egg and chick nail art video on You Tube
my creative juices started flowing and I HAD to do my own!

And we begin: 
 The Tools of the trade. i.e - shit you'll need
Clear Nail polishes - plain and glitter.  Gel pens - you can use a striper if you have one

 My Trusty Matte Claires Nailpolish set
(you don't have to use matte I just LOVE these coulors)
And some nail art glitter - this is an optional extra - it's seriously frustrating!
 Paint your nails in attractive coulors - the middle finger is going to be the chick.  Once dry start CAREFULLY drawing your design onto your nail - either with a gel pen or with a nail striper.

 Draw a jagged line and fill in - for the half shell.
 Glue on nail art glitter if using.  Draw two eyes and a beak on the chick.
Clean up any nailpolish mistakes - the tip of my thumb nails a bit wonky.
Clean up any polish around the nail and cuticle.
Paint the egg nails with glitter polish and the chicks with clear polish
  Right and Left hands.  
  And it's as easy as that!!!

Ok, it was'nt the easiest nail art ever - but if you go slow and don't have super shaky hands you'll do fine.
I've already eaten far too much chocolate - I'm off for a run >:)
♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥