Monday, 28 April 2014

Instaweek - Happy birthday to me, Easter party, tequila and the obligatory baking pictures.

Maple Walnut Waffle Cone from Copenhagen Cones
You can line up for 30 mins for one of these suckers in the busy season!
I found this delightfully random ring in among my accessories
It's a coffee and cake!
Don't you love this bloom? Its like, 15cms in diameter.
Stole it from the neighbors on a walk
Nail Art - Braided Nails, FUN
 White Choc Orange Brownies/blondies - Recipe coming Soon...
Seriously = FOODGASM
 Birthday Drinks - MY BIRTHDAY!!
Me on the Left, I CAN NOT take a serious/nice photo!
Moved from wine onto the cocktails #Margarita
 Happy Easter Everyone!  Made these for the work Peeps
Birds Nests: Chocolate + Cereal = YUM
 Easter Nails!!!  I've done these Before slightly differently.
This year, as the last I had to go for a run, so much chocolate did I eat >:D
Amy - The Sweetheart - got me some Jose Cuervo for my Bday!
We drank the whole bottle at our Easter party... #Hangover.
BTW - I am so wearing this hat somehow...
Those are cupcake shots - they're CUPCAKE FLAVOR #drool
It was a night of shoe swapping
At one stage we all tried on each others shoes alternatively and took this pic
You can tell by all our different pedicures!
Sunrise over the estuary - the reflection of the sky on the water.
It was a lot more pink but my camera didn't capture that.

Was a good week for sure.
Did you guys have a fun Easter?
What Easter eggs did you get!?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.