Wednesday, 27 June 2012

All will be revealed...

So what to do when you have shoes just sitting there that you don't wear??
Ugly right?  They won't be once I'm finished with them!

Ooooh, glitter

Just some simple crafty things...
These shoes are old... but very on trend with their pointyness

EUW!  White shoes... this is just one step in the process you see.

Oh the anticipation... worst part is waiting for the paint to dry :O

Monday, 25 June 2012

Online shop sojourn

So Sunday was spent in the armchair in front of the computer after a Saturday night of too much wine - Standing up resulted in spells of dizzying vertigo.  So what to do when one can't leave the house?

How cute is this skirt?  It's pastel!
I have a serious blazer/jacket fetish...
and this I could not resist!  It's a
metallic look material.  Will work so
well when the weather is cool but not cold.
This dress maybe a disaster on me
so I can handle that.
I seriously cannot wait for my package to arrive ! - which is a problem - as NZ sale 
(the site I've bought these from) takes forever to deliver!! #sob

Will HAVE to do an outfit post with these beauties!!