Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nail Polish Organisation

Thought this jewellery box would be perfect to keep all my nail polishes tidy - they fit PERFECTLY!
From my favourite home-wares store

I'm all about the Top speed nail polishes.
They were a great price  $6 each #grin
I'm loving beauty products at the moment - there's been lots of great sales!

Now I've got a good array of colours I can go crazy on the theme nails!!


 Now... considering everything fits sooo nicely: no more nail polishes Paula #watchthisspace

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Paula McClelland / Pinterest

I am OBSESSED with Pinterest!  It's like scrapbooking and Tumblr on acid.  It's definitely been monopolising my time lately.  Have you tried it?  You can check mine out here: Paula McClelland / Pinterest
shoesgele kast - vintage papiertje
Painted peg board and hooks for jewelry organization.Colorful shoes!ca-ute!!
kspetic2 @honestly...WTF

Sunday, 3 June 2012

My day of Necklace D.I.Y.

Went to 'Spotlight' today to buy some stuff to make my own necklaces after being inspired by Geneva at a pair - and a spare: and thought I'd give it a go.
But the store had a LAME selection of stock (they didn't have any silver chain) and what they did have was real expensive!  But I did'nt give up, no.  I came home and ripped apart some old necklaces I never wear any more and made 2 better ones!  Well you may disagree. Also for the past week I've been painting these old necklaces with nail polish as I never wear them and thought I'd have a go.  Take a look...

Take two old necklaces you never wear - and add nailpolish!!!

Just paint a boring old necklace a few coats of nailpolish and voila!!
 My 2 new necklaces:
Safety pins and pearls: #TomBinns

Shoe-drobe - separate from wardrobe naturally

So this is my official shoe collection.  I say official because I'm never buying anymore shoes ever again #coughs.  As I always say when I'm rationalising:  you can only WEAR ONE pair AT A TIME #peaceout

As you can see this cabinet is mainly for shoe pornographers (pretty to look at but not too practical)
Top shelving in my wardrobe.

Shoe rack beneath my clothes in the wardrobe.

Cubbies under the bed