Friday, 12 July 2013

Casual Friday 12.July.13

So I'm finally back in New Zealand after my overseas travails and have my computer back and some WiFi going on... so maybe I can make this blogging thing a regular occurrence - can I get a "Hell yeah"?
And today's post:  Let us carry on with our Friday theme of un-shoe-related tidbits...

Brows - the curtains on the window to ones soul?
Mac - Fluidline Brow Gelcreme.
This product has 5/5 online so it must be good? #naivetyme?
Shiseido - Natural Eyebrow Pencil.
My friend the makeup artist swears by this product.
Benefit - Browzings.
Now the product I swear by.  I was using a pencil until I stumbled across this beauty in the Piccadilly Circus Boots - plus you feel fancier with a small compact rather than a blunt pencil!

According to numerous sources apparently Megan Fox has the perfect brows - symmetrically speaking and this is because her brows begin beside her nose (a) , arch 2/3 of the way along (b) and finish in line with her nose and eye (c)

Don't be afraid of the brow makeup girls - it really is a great frame for your face and if you've over-plucked try growing them out a bit and filling the gaps in with a pencil of your choosing.
Seriously girl... who does ya make-up?

Do you bother to bling up your brows?  Or are you scared of looking pencil-freaky ala Pam Anderson?  What products do your rate/slate?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.