Friday, 22 June 2012

Inadvertent shopping splurge

Ok... so I didn't leave the house today with the express intent to go shopping...  but there was a mega cosmetics clearance up the road from work so I thought I would go take a look before my hair appointment...
Not a bad haul... there was an eyes hadow quad as well, but I forgot about
it till after pic's were taken :(
And THEN just before my hair appointment there was a sign outside Ruby - only the coolest boutique in Hamilton - saying they were having a sale.  So I didn't go in expecting to buy anything but then I saw these AWESOME Kathryn Wilson platforms on sale for too cheap... and I have been lusting after them since they were RELEASED.
My first pair of Kathryn Wilson shoes... she's kind of a hero in the New Zealand shoe world #wink
So cute how they come with individual monogrammed duster bags so they don't get all messed up!
Don't you LOVE the Zebra detail... ok, they may be slightly similar to a pair I already own
but these have ZEBRA!  Zebra I'm telling you..
Oops, I've just realised I made two resolutions to not buy any more nail polishes or shoes this year...

Follow your shoe-stincts my lovelies <3

Monday, 18 June 2012

Inside the ol' handbag

Clockwise from top: Phone!  Shades, wallet, mirror, lip balm, Mor Marshmallow
perfume oil, 3 Lipsticks (I never know what colour I might want to go next!)
Pen, Loccitane Shea butter handcream, Pouch (to keep all my shi' in) keys,
ear buds!  I would have liked to include my ipod touch but it was taking this pic.

Don't you just love the bag?  It's hand painted leather - so unique.