Friday, 22 March 2013

Bath - Not Cartier.

Warning - gratuitous BLING post ahead

Isn't this THE cutest name for a jewelry store - not Cartiers.  It was just a tiny stall in the Guildhall Market in Bath but every square inch of wall, surface and ceiling was covered in the most dazzling array of jewellry!!  I went in with my partner so I only bought these two things, but if I had have been alone, LOOK OUT!

 * * *
I've been after a snake bracelet for awhile
now and this one is hinged so you could
wear it on your upper arm as well if you
The necklace just dazzled me with its 
sparkly charm so I had to have it ;-)
It's a surprisingly wearable piece,
goes with everything!

* * *
 Bath is of course famous for its Roman Baths built it's believed around 100 AD.
I was there and took hundreds of snaps - naturally - however your'e not permitted to TOUCH the water,
so that was gutting ;-)  You see wonderful warm water - you wanna touch.

The baths from the terrace and the Abbey which is very cathedral like.

We also stopped in at a pub "The Saracens Head" and I had to
take a picture of the decor in this historic building.  There's a library!

I also stopped by the Fashion Museum!

Trend forecast - What we'll be wearing this year ;-)
Fashion through the decades.

But that's another post my lovelies :-P