Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Liverpool.  Is.  AMAZING.
♥  ♥  ♥
Worlds 5th Largest Cathedral - built on a hill overlooking the city, you can see it from miles away!
Look inside - it's insane! It's way nicer than St. Paul's in London.
I had to take a pic of this Street Art on Seel st: "There are 3951 people for every km2 in this city.
Do you like your neighbours?" .  Liverpool is the 5th most populated city in the UK.
If you ever come to Liverpool you HAVE to look around Seel st, the bars are amazing and the drinks are reasonable!
We found this awesome hipster bar - I still don't know what it's called, I've looked on Google and everything but it's right next door to the Liverpool Academy of Arts - anyway this Jazz ensemble of sexagenarians took to the stage. They would show up any guys half their age!
Love me some Jazz.
There is this random piano next to the stage - it's not in use anymore, as a piano, it is growing some nice plants though!
So this bar was so awesome we went back a second night!
  These dudes were an electronic act, the drummer and Drum machine guy are twins!
They were so awesome , I couldn't stop tapping my toe!
But seriously, Seel st was amazing - GO THERE.
So the shopping in Liverpool is INSANE - but all I bought was this leopard print shirt +H&M - I was a little fatigued after my shopping in Birmingham.
Liverpool One is this giant mall/city of shops, it has like, 2 H&M's at different ends and the third floor is all restaurants!  They were giving away free ice creams up on top the day we went there and the next night there was a free concert.
So, a trip to Liverpool is not complete without a mention of the Fab Four!
The Cavern Club
Formally an awesome venue where the Beatles among others cut their teeth gigging - Now a major tourist trap that'll cost ya 10 quid to get in, so we didn't ... it was a bit greasy looking and we were there at 2pm ;-)
"In celebrating our differences... we increase the richness of our lives."

Lastly a trip to the Museum of Slavery, sounds heavy but it was actually a huge learning experience.  It really makes you think how rich a continent Africa and its people would be now if the western world hadn't taken them against their will and put them to work for their own selfish ends.  We still continue to exploit the continent, it's people and resources through mining and supplying weapons for the endless conflict. It made me wonder where we would all be now without those roots in slavery?
Anyway I would really recommend a visit - it's on the waterfront in Albert Dock with the Tate, Beatles and Maritime Museums so you can lighten up there afterward!

Other cool things in Liverpool:
*It has a quasi Tube system - it's a train but runs mainly under ground and only 2.50 a trip!
*Liverpool FC - If you like these things...
*Albert Dock - Party central for restaurants, museums and general nightlife!

GO TO LIVERPOOL - it's an awesome city and I reckon I only did a quarter!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Shoesday 10.09.13 - Masterclass: Bryan Atwood

"I've been sketching shoes since I was a kid"
My kind of dude.
This is one handsome shoe designer
APRIL - I think I need these, my birth month ;-)

In 2003  he won the CFDA Swarovski Perry Ellis Award for best Accessory Design and 2010 won the Footwear News "Designer of the Year" award. In Fall 2011, Atwood launched his contemporary footwear collection B Brian Atwood. The contemporary line is "A mix of Upper East Side Poshness, Downtown cool, along with a Parisian sophistication" - AND he's HOT.

But let's look at his shoes... 
MANIAC - I love his Maniac range.
Kristel - Loving his colour combo's!!
Ailith - In case your'e a boot girl #saucy.
Rhea 100 - These are a bit fugly but very interesting all the same.

What do we think of Brian Atwood's shoes?
They're a bit saucy and a lot high end... 
This is'nt a sponsored post, I just think He's awesome so I wanted to share.
Happy Shoesday everyone xoxo.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.