Saturday, 10 January 2015

Insta-six-months 2014...

Hi, I haven't posted since April last year, just haven't been feeling the mojo.
But I missed you guys so I thought Id give you an Insta-catch-up! 

Where the Hell have you been Paula?

Well I am glad you asked...

I ate Mexican (Flying Burrito Brothers)
And Rocked a fetching Hat

Had a few beerzies in the Sun (it's summer in NZ yall)

I voted - democracy YEAH! #KarenWalker

Took a Roadtrip to Auckland Where I...

Got my photo taken with The Selector

Took this pic outside Degree Bar

Won a bungee off this building... 
aka: The Sky Tower, New Zealands TALLEST BUILDING!


 I acquired some new shoes... of course

Has anyone watched The Wolf Of Wall Street?

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♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.