Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lichtenstein - A Tate Modern Retrospective

This Monday let us dive headlong into the week with some culture - if your'e a fan of 'Pop Art' - and look at the Lovely Lichtenstein - I went along to his retrospective at the Tate Modern on London's south bank.
Lichtenstein helped to reinvigorate abstract expressionism through his use of comic strips, advertising and well known imagery.  Unlike Andy Warhol Lichtenstein was deeply inspired by great artists, one of his biggest influences was Pablo Picasso.
<< Here in Frolic (1977) he was paying tribute to one of Picasso own paintings - au ballon de plage (1933)>> 

He has somehow turned it into a sort of advert for the original painting - indeed, Lichtenstein himslef said he was trying to make a "Commercial Picasso" with Frolic.
Now enough of the amateur hour for Wikipedia on Shoe-Fiend - show us the ART Paula.
Step on can with leg - 1961
 I love this painting, it's so banal in its subject matter - and yet...
 << Still Life with glass and Peeled Lemon - 1972                                                      Tire 1962 >>
Lichtenstein was an unusual painter in that his reference was comic strips and magazine adverts as opposed to painting from scenery or sketches. So Tyre is not a painting of a tyre - but a painting of a picture of a tyre #genius.
Artist's Studio "Look Mickey" 1973
In this painting Lichtenstein revisits the painting that launched his career - "Look Mickey" from 1961 - he has cheekily hung it onto the wall of his living room subject matter.  This painting is HUGE in person - 243 X 325 Centimetres. 

The Exhibition is now closed but if you would like to read up about Lichtenstein and the retrospective all the information is still on the Tate Website which I left a link for :-D

Do you have a favourite artist?  Have you been to see any of their works in person? 
Have a great week everyone!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Shoe art on Friday

 So I was bored and looking for something to do for Casual Friday so I Googled "Shoe Art" (as you do) and came across a few interesting things to share with yall.  It's amazing what you find once you start looking and since you guys LOVED the Philip Treacy post I did I thought I would keep it in the same vain, aka avant garde.
Julien Hakes - this is an actual concept show that you can walk around in!
See - these chicks are havin' a great time
Violet Shard Shoe - Go check out her website and be amazed!

Robert Tabor - Anyone for Pie? I love the fork heel 
Robert Tabor - Via Twenty.Something.Fashion
No credit for these guys - I just thought they look cool

So what did we think of Shoe Art on Friday?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

In my Make-up Bag - Revised

I haven't blogged for weeks!!  We've been travelling round like crazy people lately.
We did: Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, York, Liverpool, Llandudno then came home and have been driving off everyday as the weather is SUPER nice!  Not a cloud in the sky!  But I thought while I shy away from the sun that has burnt me :-(  I would drop you a post :-D
So I did do an "In my make-up bag" post not too long ago - but since then I've bought heaps of new fun stuff so I must renew this post >:D
 Make-up Bag - Louise Gray for Top Shop.

Benefit - Brow Zings
Max Factor - Eyeshadow
Smashbox - Eyeshadow Pallette: Hazel Eyes
Clinique - Blush & Eyeshadow Compact
Clinique - Mascara
Garnier - BB Cream Oily skin
Max Factor - 3in1 Foundation
Accessorize - Clips
Real Techniques - Stipling and Eye shadow Brushes
Natio - Concealer
Louise Gray for Topshop - Blusher and eye shadow Brushes
Loreal - Infallible Eyeliner
Revlon - Eyeliner Chubby.
Along the way you find products that work for you and also some that don't   I'm still not sold on the oily skin BB cream from Garnier.  It's a water based cream so I found I had to use a stipling brush to apply evenly and it still looks powdery on me.  I had to try the Max Factor 3in1 foundation as I am super lazy and thought it sounded too good to be true, and while it is a great product the effect is a little too much coverage for day, great for a night out?  I have been mixing it with the Oily skin BB cream but lately as the weather has suddenly become so much nicer I have gone back to the original Garnier BB cream for a less made up look.  

I HAVE to recommend the Benefit Browzings (weird name) it has all you need for defined brows: 2 small brushes, a little tweezer for stray hairs, a cream brow definer and a setting powder - gives a really natural finish.

It was such a SUNNY DAY that I took these photos outside!  I'm pretty sunburned (BAD PAULA) from sitting in the sun all day but I've been putting the Body Shop Body Butter on it and no peeling yet *fingerscrossed.

What have you guys been up to?  Is it spring or Autumn with yall?  Have you been enjoying the sun or trying to stay warm!?
I leave you with a picturesque shot of the estuary in Laurenny South Wales.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.