Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Natural beauty products - I've done some road testing. The verdict? Natural is definitely superior.

Essone natural sunscreen - contains no water or fillers so is more concentrated, starts out so thick but once you swipe it across your cheek it begins to soften with the heat of your skin and absorbs relatively quickly. Has a divine smell too, like chocolate.

Ethique Shampoo and beauty bars - This shampoo bar has revolutionized my hair and scalp! Where I used to have ridiculously oily hair, itchy scalp and the occasional spot of dandruff I now have soft shiny wonderful hair that only needs washing every four days (used to be every second) It's basically different hair! The ethos behind Ethique is to rid the beauty world of plastic waste so all their bars are packed in commercially compostable boxes, started in 2012 in a kitchen now shipping world wide.

Michael Todd Beauty - I'd never heard of this brand but my sister passed on these goodies. I absolutely love the eye stix, so creamy and pigmented, I wear the gold shade nearly every day. The mask actually made me break out but that might not have been its fault, may need to give it another go.

The essano line of beauty products are cheap as chips from your local supermarket (in NZ & Australia) and have also revolutionized my skin and regimen! I never had bad skin but after travelling a bit I was getting a few cysts and my skin texture just wasn't doing so great. I gave these products a go a few ears ago and notice a change within a month, my pores were less obvious, I no longer got any cysts and have a nice even skin tone. Made in New Zealand and none of the ingredients are tested on animals, sign me up.

I don't use conditioner, it makes my hair flat so I just wash with the shampoo bar then while it's damp comb some of this argan oil through it. My hair got a bit dry over winter time so I thought I'd try this hair mask, it smells like men's deodorant but it's very thick and creamy. I also use this frizz serum if the mane needs a tame.

We couldn't talk natural beauty products and forget the teeth! I actually prefer this toothpaste to the regular stuff, this is quite baking-sodary but in a very refreshing way, plus whitening.

Would you guys give any natural beauty products a go?

I can understand if you're skeptical but in my experience they're actually far superior and in some cases cheaper. Easier on your skin overall and less synthetics for your body to have to figure out.

Let me know any natural products you've tried, I'm really keen to try a natural deodorant next.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.