Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shopping in East London.

So London is such a shopping MECCA - I've decided to break it up into zones.  Today's, Eeest Lahndahn #phonetically spelt (East London)

Vintage stores are INSANE in East London - and to be exact Brick Lane and surrounding Streets.
OMG the shoes - these are all just size 6!


<< Handbags FOREVER

Blitz is apparently London's BIGGEST vintage store!  It's on two levels and a total must have for any vintage fashion lover.  Quite expensive if you ask me, a pair of 90's era Ferregamo Flats will set you back 60 pound - which might seem a bargain if you factor in a new pair could set you back 400 pound but not so great if you think of all the people that might have pounded the pavement in those shoes - starting to look like not such a bargain.  I think vintage stores are savvy now to all the designer labels so I don't think you will find any Chanel or Hermes bargains around, but if you're after the perfect denim jacket or some divinely soft vintage leather you will definitely find a few candidates here.  With all the high street chain stores seemingly selling all the same stuff it's quite nice to find something a little different, you definitely get that with vintage plus your stuff has a great lived in feel and interesting smell >: D And people can't steal your style - cause chances are it's a one off, this is why we love DIY too.

On my way through the streets I came across a temporary store set up selling Designer samples and end of season pieces at ridiculously slashed prices.  It was a pound to get in and you had to check your jacket and bag at the door so I couldn't take any pictures - but it was Immense!  There was clothing by Matthew Williamson, Marc Jacobs, See by Chloe, Splendid, Equipment... Shoes by Miu Miu, Ferregamo, Fendi, Rupert Sanderson - I didn't even go near the bags so afraid was I that I would drop my last dime on a Bayswater or something else on my Lust-list.  The changing room was just a big room with clothing racks and big mirrors - anything you wanted to try on your had to do in front of everyone else in there - to deter shoplifting I guess.
But what did you buy Paula?

TheSWEETEST pink Ombre shirt - Both Goldie London - And a black Sheer embellished shirt
I've been looking for AGES for the perfect black sheer shirt - and now I HAVE ONE!
 I took this in Scotland for my Instagram

Brick Lane is also well known for its 5 Million curry restaurants.  We went for a meal in one but were none too impressed, I think it's a bit too much of a tourist thing now so it's over priced and there's better curry to be found elsewhere >:(
Here I go talking about food again - I took this photo of the window of one Indian food Supermarket.  Look at all the Samosas #drools.
As I was taking this picture a dude walked right in front of the shot - he's probably not used to people instagraming everything they see - I try to keep my eyes open and just take the odd snap - but when you go back later and look through all your snaps Instagram really illustrates perfectly the scene you captured in that moment - even more so than a regular digital snapshot.
Street art down Brick Lane way, you can see the faintest hint of snow in this picture. Snow is mega hard to capture, it doesn't show up in pictures unless there's a buttload of it and it was snowing quite a bit that day!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Glaswegian Purchasessss

Hello again - just a few little purchases from my Scottish adventures:  I couldn't buy a lot as I had to get it back to London on a flight from Edinburgh - this did not stop me from buying...

2 Pairs: shoes - Glasgow.

 Can't remember the name of this store - it's on Argyle St.
The window was SO PRETTY I took a pic for Instagram

♥ ♥ ♥ LOOK AT ALL THE SHOES! ♥ ♥ ♥

Whilst making my name known on "The High Street" I came across these lively fellas (above)
They were AWESOME - I gave them 2 Quid ;-)

I also came across this street art (Left)
Just down a tiny little lane parallel to High Street 
(in every British city/town there's a high st and a "High street" - all the shopping is considered the "High Street" but it's not always ON High Street - you confused?  I am just proof reading this)

The rendering is just amazing - it looks so realistic - almost like there IS a giant woman reaching down to pick you up!

The Cathedral was couvered in scaffolding as they're cleaning it so I did'nt get many good pictures of that - I think I've seen enough cathedrals now anyway ;-)
One thing I'm GUTTED I did'nt have time to check out is The Necropolis a giant Victorian graveyard that houses 50,000 people.  It has a mixture of amazing Monuments (3,500) and gravestones.  As it was a beautiful day I would have loved to have had a chance to walk around and just absorb the atmosphere.  Might have to go back ;-)
George Square - with the city chambers in the background.

Glasgow was an amazing city!  It really blew me away with it's history and beautiful ornate architecture.  I definitely recommend a visit.  I managed to catch the train from a friends house in Perth - was an hours journey each way for only about 16 quid!  
Oh and they're tube is sometimes refered to as "The Clockwork Orange" as it loops a circle with clockwise and anti clockwise directions and is painted predominantly orange - however after having seen the movie I don't know that I ever wanna go down there -_-

Yall should check it out!
Till next time - ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Phillip Treacy on Friday

I was wondering what I could do for a random Friday post - you know like "casual Fridays".  As I already do Shoesday I thought I better steer clear of shoes - and I'm loving HATS at the mo so I thought "Phillip Treacy" aka the worlds most insane Milliner (Hat designer) Don't beleive me about the insanity?  Two of his best customers are Lady Gaga and the late but Fabulous Isabella Blow (she helped him launch his career).
 This ones my fav - I smell a DIY

 Via Google image search
 He has designed hats for Alexander McQueen's white Haute Couture collection at Givenchy in Paris, for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, and for Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan.
He's not laughing at her headgear... I'm sure.
The one overwhelming detail I see in all these pictures is coulor!
So much WONDERFUL coulor.
Are you guys going to rush out for one of his pieces now?
In New Zealand World sell a few of his pieces in their boutiques and they're upwards of NZ$2000 - so you may want to start saving your pingers.
♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Shoesday 23.04.13

And today for Shoesday... A trip around the internet for some shoespiration (not a real word)
Insane Boots - look at the magenta trim!  181 Shoes Via Irene's Closet
 Khloe Kar-crashian's (kidding Klo's Love your work) shoe-drobe... I wanna lie down in there.
 Just a full on gorgeous picture - LOVE Turquoise! Via For Peet's Sake. Seriously check her out - even just to read her hilarious narrative.
Just WOW - via Stockholm Steetstyle.

Greg Kadel Photography - Via Sartorial Revenge.
Tommy Ton on
Why do the far shoes remind me of...
And yet I still ♥ them


♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Covent Garden Market & Hair by Fairy

Today I'm going to show you a few little gems from Covent Garden - sure it's a comercial high street with all your usual chain store suspects as well as the higher end designer stores like Mulberry and Burberry - but if you head down any of the myriad side streets you may come across a gem!
 Thomas Neal's - Opposite Urban Outfitter's, unassuming entrance to COOLEST LITTLE MINI MALL EVER...
 Cute Boutique where I bought this Bag
  I can't remember the name of the boutique - but next time I go there I'll come back here and let ya know.

 Neal's Yard - Home of "Hair by Fairy" a cute walk-in hairdresser.  It's only 17 pound for a shampoo and style cut, or if you're more fussy like me, a full style cut and blow-dry for 35 pound.
I went once and had to go back!  I would definitely recommend it to ANYONE - Boys too ;-)

 Cute window graphic for a vintage boutique outside Neal's Yard
It reads: "Don't follow fashion - Buy something already out of date"
That's me - I LOVE fashion - it's just a complete coincidence if I follow it.

 Cupcake Stand - I bought a Magic Middle Peanut Butter Cupcake - Had peanut butter in the middle
Artisan Bread stall - gluten free, sourdoughs, quiches, PRETZELS

 < Savoury Muffins and Bread in a pot - literally breads baked into teracotta pots.
> SAUSAGE!  PASTIES - if you guys coulda SMELLED IT!

 If you're ever near Covent Garden on a Thursday you should DEFINITELY check it out - there are also fresh meals prepared on site out of all the fresh produce - AND THE SMELLS!  If I hadn't just had a sausage Bap for brekkie I would have bought a lot more than a cupcake and 4 macaroons #blush.

And I've already explained my penchant for taking photos of shop windows...
 < Random Patisserie in Covent Garden.                       Look at all the Panetone Lined up!! >
 Beautifully decorated cakes.

Until next time..

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Floral High tea at One Aldwych

So to Introduce us to spring One Aldwych Hotel in Covent Garden designed a floral high tea!!  Well I can tell you that it WAS delicious, but as my sister Angela and I were welcomed into the lobby it was from a snowy and not particularly spring-like London >:(

But enough misery - FOOD PORN:

 The Menu:

 Chicken and Wild Garlic Flower Mayo.
Jasmine smoked salmon.
Egg mayo and Watercress
and a goats curd and chive quiche.

Vanilla Panacotta with violet leaves
Rosewater Jelly
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Lavendar Brioche served with gorse flower
Homemade scones served with plum, elderflower
jams and clotted cream

             *   *   *
As is the case with these situations - the scones were the highlight!  I always look forward to the desert - of course by then you're approaching critical mass and can barely stuff it in!  Oh the shame.

After stuffing our faces full on Angela and I were subjected to an hours bus ride - in LONDON rush hour traffic - to Stanstead Airport and then all the subsequent stresses that come with air travel as we were off for the weekend to EDINBURGH!

 KIDDING!  It was such a great adventure!  

After being a dithering dilly about only having 10 x 100ml containers of liquids it turns out you have to fit ALL your containers into a TINY snap lock bag anyway... so Ange and I shared the load together and managed it... I did get enthusiastically pat down by security though #ooh-er!

Have you ever done the high tea thing?  
Got all dressed up fancy, eaten your full then got on a BUS!?
This is the first of TWO high teas we indulged in... 
so stay tuned for FOODGATE Part ii 

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Chicken and wild garlic flower mayonnaise on wholemeal bread
Jasmine smoked salmon on a bridge roll
Egg mayonnaise and watercress on wholemeal bread - See more at:
Chicken and wild garlic flower mayonnaise on wholemeal bread
Jasmine smoked salmon on a bridge roll
Egg mayonnaise and watercress on wholemeal bread - See more at:
Chicken and wild garlic flower mayonnaise on wholemeal bread
Jasmine smoked salmon on a bridge roll
Egg mayonnaise and watercress on wholemeal bread - See more at: