Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tenby shopping... AGAIN!

I'aaaaammmmm Baaaaack!  Dya miss me?
Well I missed you guys!

On the bright side - I took 5,000,000 photos that I'm going to shove in yo face!
Kidding - unless I'm not - and to todays post...

She's done it again
I might actually have a problem :-S
 There's this awesome Jewelry shop in Tenby - but it's never open when I walk past...
except the other day!!!
 Plus some snazzy new nail polishes!
 Necklace came wrapped up so nicely :-) 

Anyway - I wanted the polish for some up and coming Necklace DIY...
 Not happy with your old necklace? 
Go some spare time and a flair for Slapping nailpolish about?
Stay Tuned Kids!
Next post: New Necklaces - Sort of*
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