Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Shoesday Tuesday: Downsizing - Going from maximal-ism to... a lot less: A new Minimalist outlook. Culling at LEAST 85% of my wardrobe, gradually - Part i: Shoedrobe

Before / After

Warning: May contain disturbing images of 
items no longer needed and therefore sold!

 Only 2 shelves of shoes now

Bottom shelf is now for hats&beanies, purses, scarves. 

And nothing lives underneath!

So how did I manage this most-zen of tasks?
Over a long period of time - we're talking at LEAST 2 years.

I am a super fan of those shows about people building a/house hunting for Tiny Houses, these people seriously have to DOWN SIZE and I get annoyed at them dithering about getting rid of half their stuff - that they appear to not need. Which got me thinking about my own situation.

Here are some tips I've learned along the way to help the cull:

1. If you love it - but never wear it: you know the shoes with the ridiculous heel that you can't really walk anywhere in so you end up wearing something else?  If you never end up leaving the house in it, or WORSE, you do and have mega blisters or are a SUPER pain to your companion/s because you wore them.

2. If you love it - but you already have one very similar: I had 4 pairs of sneakers. I really only wear sneakers when we travel (we walk a LOT when we travel) so I sold my blue Converse Allstar hightops. I LOVED these shoes... but I've only got one pair of feet. I don't miss them either. Plus I still have 3 pairs.
Remaining Sneaker Collection: Vans cupcakes, Zara Embroidered, Converse Allstar Crossword.

3. I love it - but it's mega hard to style: You know that pair of fancy trousers you bought but can't really pull off wearing? That dress that you HAVE to wear: heels/tights/a jacket - insert rule here. If it's not working for you, don't be afraid to MOVE IT ON.

4. If you love it - but you just bought something new and awesome: You know the one in, one out rule? It's really good! Rather than hanging onto the old ragged one, move it on and enjoy your new shiny one*
*Before purchasing is a really good time to consider if you NEED a new shiny thing? Maybe the old item you never wore will do just fine, fall in love again people!

5. If you love it - but: When you go to look through your closet you're looking looking looking through ALL YOUR CLOTHES and still have nothing to wear! Like I said: try to make your closet work for YOU. If all your bits and pieces aren't working, ask WHY?

6. If you love it - but: It's a polyester disaster in that it clings/sweats/static attacks you. Natural materials will always trump plastic! Plus lately a lot of polyester material shrinks in the wash! HATE THAT*
*One thing to remember with natural materials is they do tend to stretch out and then contract again upon washing.

7. You don't necessarily love it - AND you NEVER WEAR IT: That "beach-bag" that you forget exists, even when you go to the beach* That pair of jogger bottoms that makes your butt look like cottage cheese/is too hot for all but the very most niche occasion* That velvet cross-body bag you're holding onto but smells weird* That summer dress you have that you can't wear in summer because it's polyester and therefore TOO SWEATY/CLINGY*
*These are literally all things I culled and sold.

Things I never wore and therefore SOLD: Ruby shoes: cool, just never left the house. Witchery Bag, loved this bag, just didnt need more than 4 bags. Shoes, all nice items, just didn't need in the grand scheme of things.

Things I love and therefore kept: POM POM shoes from ASOS: love. beanies, beret, hat, love all of them. Two pairs of Topshop heels I bought in the sale, love a block heel. My Oobt Ryn Fluffy bag. Kinky Gherlinki Platforms - so 90's. Glassons Rose Gold Mules: $12.50 = Bargain. Topshop studded boots and some western style boots - staples. My cupcake Van's - ridiculously comfy!

Cheers everyone that's made it to the end!

I hope you find a gem in among my ramblings...

I've watched a lot of YouTube videos about cleaning out wardrobes and everyone does it in one fell swoop - which could work for you but personally the gradual method was a much easier way for me to let go and be truly ruthless, as opposed to saying, "Oh I'll hang onto this just in case"
I have honestly cleared AT LEAST 85% of my original wardrobe, including clothing, nail polish, hats, shoes, necklaces - you name it. 

It's a work in progress too - if I buy anything now it's because there was a gap and as that piece moves in something has to follow it out - one in one out.
For example:

Just moved these River Island Leopard-print loafers on for these blush pink flatforms.

What do think guys?
Do you do the wardrobe cull?
Or are you a hold onto things kind of gal?

No shame! Share...

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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