Thursday, 28 March 2013

Is nail art naff?

I don't care!!!

Now gaze upon my nail art - done be meee!

 These were my contribution to Valentines Shtick.
 Looking sharp in green and silver ;-)
 Mint!!!  Plus white and silver.
 These are my two favorite colors.
 The stars are tricky little beggars - one minute they're there, next the on the floor!
 Matte Nails ala Claires
What I'm rocking as I type this - next up Easter themed nails!

I ran them all through Instagram for added effect
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Next I gotta take my nails here.

The new Chanel Nail bar in Covent Garden London

My sister Ange and I have booked ourself a 'Floral' high tea - can get out nails done after!


 Oh and p.s. these are my natural nails - They've been growing like weeds since I stopped covering them in cake batter and icing ;-)

So... is nail art naff?