Monday, 25 March 2013

Sister time in London!

SO whats better than sister time?  Sister time + SHOPPING.  

First things first - Sustenance

Princi For Breakfast - Italian Bakery/Pizza House

Sweet threads at Banana Republic
NECKLACE FETISH: I've already shown you guys these necklaces - but damn they pretty!

Necklace from New Look - 3 Pound peeps!
How amazing is this Aldo necklace - had to wait in line for this bad boy.
Need to do an outfit post to really show you this sucka.
MORE NECKLACES, Cutest bag ever and a nice red newsboy cap - I'm loving hats at the mo...
Stay tuned for more hat posts!  My BF's always asking me to wear this hat - he liiiikes it.
This bag is Birken-esque (esque because it didn't cost me tens of thousands of dollars!)
Isn't this guy insanely cool?

And now for... LUNCH!
 Champagne and cheese - in a little place in Covent Garden called "Champagne Fromage"
Also in Covent Garden.... LAUDEREE MACAROONS!!!

 "Levitating" is the new thing apparently.

I love London - there is something unique to find every time you go back there!

And I AM going back - on Weds 3rd :-O  #totesexcite

Watch this space...