Friday, 15 March 2013

Body Shop

One day in Body Shop...

So in Hereford whilst shopping happily my companion wanted to go into the Body Shop - I wasn't a huge fan as in New Zealand it's quite expensive but followed her in all the same - however I was pleasantly surprised and ended up buying a facial regimen for myself and because I spent more than 18 quid I got a free Full size body butter!  Woop Woop.
Seaweed sounds gross - but it smells really nice!
This skin system is for people with oily skin but don't get blemishes - clarifying they call it.  I've only been using it a month now and I can't see a HUGE difference - but my skin feels nice and soft when I wake up.
Pink Grapefruit Body Butter Smells Amazing

I don't usually go in for body butter - a bit greasy - but sh*t was free!  Not going to say no.
I'm a real sucker for cute packaging (and Pink) I'll give the seaweed a go.

What are your beauty routinesAre there any products that work amazingly/badly for you?
I for one love Garnier's BB cream in medium - but I know not everyone's a fan