Wednesday, 13 March 2013

MAXIMINI - Jimmy Choo's Resturant

File under food:

So I didn't even know about this place, my sister picked it our for us (she knows I love shoes and "Asian" cuisine) It's Jimmy Choo's restaurant!  There are few clues to this - until you read his quote in the menu and see the beautiful shoe sketches hanging on the walls - nothing could be more conducive to digestion ;-)

We had the fragrant crispy duck served with
cucumber, spring onion and pancakes to start
 followed by the Hong Kong style Seabass,
Malaysian Chicken Curry, Stir fry broccoli
with garlic and an egg fried rice - which was
enough food for 4 people but we somehow
made our way through it!
The decor is beautiful - I took my own photos
and I've mixed them in with a few from the
website.  If your'e ever looking for a restuarant
just down the road from Paddington station
(that's NOT hideously overpriced) and you like
fresh, hot yummy fudz you should check it out!
I can definitely recommend it :-)  The wait staff
were amazingly attentive, our teapot nor our
cups were never empty!


Where we sat - nice comfy booth.
Looking at this picture I can taste it - torture.

I'm not one to take pictures of the bathrooms but I just thought the designer had 
made the most of the small space.

It's funny - before we went for dinner we were at the Sawyers Arms (pub on London Street in Paddington) and I was showing off my recently acquired Kraftwerk 1&2 vinyls and this guy who had been to three of their gigs at the Tate Modern saw and came over to show me his photos of the show!  He said they were Amazeballs  His Pictures looked awesome!  I was kicking myself I didn't go to ANY 
(I found out the week after they'd been - Murphy's Law)

What do you think of MaxiMini?
 Now I'm Jonesing for Duck...

Have a great week kidz


  1. Looks nice!

    1. It's a really great ambiance! Plus the food us yum - which is most important ;-)

      ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.