Sunday, 17 February 2013

Miscillaneous Cute Sunday

Howdy everyone!

These are just a few cute things I wanted to share with you that didn't fit in with any other posts - just a few cute little things I thought you might like...
Holographic Nail polish - #musthave

This was a gift from my wonderful sis who knows me well <3  It's genuine flowers encased in this shell.

 This top is sooo heavy - its completely covered in sequins and beads - even the back!
From Miss Selfridge One of my favourite UK stores for pretty.

Another gift from my Siss :-) They're hand warmers!  Widdle piggies.
This is the exception to the cute rule - I call it my emo bird cause he fell of his perch.
Look at him lying there... 
I went for a bit of a shopping spree in Swindon Wiltshire UK yesterday - There's an amazing Designer Outlet center there - Looking forward to sharing my bargains with you guys :D

Have a great Sunday Everyone > MWA