Monday, 18 February 2013

Tenby - Southwest Wales


A walled city
These are some pictures I took of Tenby back in late November when I first arrived in Wales - a country with striking similarities to my country New Zealand.  I thought I would share some pics of this picturesque tourist destination with you before getting into the nitty gritty - ie. Shopping.  Tenby is well worth a visit - heaving with people in summer but eerily quiet and beautiful in Winter.  Enjoy...
This wall in some incarnation has surrounded the town of Tenby since the eleventh century!

Shore front terraced houses - these are mainly hotels now to cater to summer tourists.
Idyllic cobbled Streets inside the wall.
World Famous Coastline - Many an artist has re-interpreted this scene.

To the middle right is the ruins of a former Norman Castle circa tenth century.
A few little things I picked up in the Tenby Marketplace.
 Glitter Nail polishes, Eye shadow Duos, Nail art Decals.

Rocking some Valentine themed Nails.

Peacock Ring - #totesadorbs

I have rather stumpy fingers - however the camera angle has exacerbated this further!
And to finish this post - a gratuitous shot of the picturesque
Tenby Coastline.
Warming sun.
Happy Travels everyone > MWA