Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hereford - and Assorted Shopping

Why Hello there...
Isn't it funny how you write a word and it looks wrong so you check - and it was right...?  Assorted looks wrong to me?  However, I digress.  I recently went away to meet for the first time and visit with my Partners Aunt and Uncle in Hereford England... turns out Hereford is suffering with the recession and a lot of the high street shops are closing - BOO!  So I took it upon myself to single-handedly give the local economy a boost by purchasing a few little treasures - what do you think?  Have you ever been to Hereford?  We found the locals so friendly and hugely welcoming.  They welcomed us with open arms and were happy to give out touristy advice to us ;)

And now for the eye candy...
Aren't they BEAUTIES #RhetoricalQuestion
Golden Glitta!
I was inspired to purchase these after an inspirational DIY courtesy of Love Maegan
 Check it out - I'm not ruling out adding a little extra neon to these girls yet either...

Tiffany Blue #swoon

I love how ouch these heels look - I had to buy sole inserts cause they're a size too big
All Shoes from New Look:
A nice little oversized top from Dorothy Perkins

 I also bought some layering tops from DP but they're not interesting to look at ;)
A delightful skin routine from the Body Shop - more on that next time!
That's it for shopping I'm afraid - I looked all round the shops: Primark, Marks & Spencers (saw a cute blush Blazer that I didn't buy but still may), Monsoon, Laura Ashley... but I didn't see anything - I have many rules when shopping, including 'Don't buy for the sake of it'.  Curiously my only shoe rule is 'Can I walk in them for at least 5 mins...?'  Plus my favourite stores; Republic and River Island weren't there :-( Definitely have to go back to Hereford - maybe when the weather warms up a bit so we can go around some of the heritage sites.  Plus there's a record store on Eign street called Temple Records I didn't get to check out - never know what gems are buried!
Here are some gratuitous tourist photos for your viewing pleasure
"The Old House" Situated in the town square in Hereford - built 1621!!!  It is now a museum.,_Hereford

Love four poster beds! 
Here's a fun fact I learned from my travails through the house: The beds were square frames with string underneath from side to side to hold up the mattress. These strings needed to be tightened every now and then to stop the mattress sagging - hence the saying
"Goodnight, sleep tight"

The Local Pub "The Broadley's" Star Attraction: Cumin the Japanese Akita 10 months old
 Other attractions in Hereford are the Amazing Cathedral in the city centre (tick), Sunday lunch at The Axe & Cleaver (tick) loads of parks and pubs (tick)

   What about you?  Ever gone somewhere on holiday and felt at home?  Thought I HAVE TO go back there!

Happy Wednesday everyone > MWA