Saturday, 21 September 2013

Instaweek - 9-15 Sep 13

Look at the insane colors in the sky (no filter) stormy day!
Felt like a fun manicure today - silver, purple & Neon yellow!
 Picked up this sweet cane shelf for $10 at the markets - painted it white #watchthisspace
 Major sales score - buy one get one free @ $5!
Going to do a post about this shopping spree, belts are not all I acquired.
 Sign outside a shoe store downtown.. my sort of logic indeed.
 Some of my shopping spree purchases... Neon nailpolishes!
 Some more of my shopping spree purchases...
 Outfit planning - went with a pink theme on this day ;-)
 Indoor Hydrangea cutting - it will only last a few weeks, but it's SO PRETTY.
Spoiling the reveal for an upcoming necklace DIY post  - watch this space.

How was your week everyone?
Leave a link to your instagrams and your blogs so we can catch up!

As I'm writing this post I am stalking some serious Revlon Products on NZSale
So really, watch this space!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.