Monday, 16 September 2013

Shopping the Sales.

The Seasons are a changing

And for most of you that means Autumn/fall then Winter - 
BUT for us Southern hemisphere peeps this means SPRING & SUMMER!
Oonse oonse oonse ooonse...
Sorry, I've just accumulated 3 winters now after travelling to the UK for 8 months last November and am PSYCHED to see the SUN... this top - Look at it.
 It features an exposed back cut out - so I can get WEIRD tan-lines. 
 And because it will be getting warm soon - the shops are off-loading their winter wares.
Picked up this divine jacket - look at the zips and studs #edgy
And this bizarrely kick ass "cardi"
the sleeves and back are sheer, just the front panels are cardi-like.

Would you believe I bought all these wondrous things from an "Older Lady" store?  I guess there's a reason these particular items were on sale but turns out when you get out of your comfort zone you strike gold! #mixingmetaphors

Are you guys headed into Winter or summer?
Have you bought any new pieces to take you into the season?
Oh and look out, I've been on a few shopping sesh's and am getting ready to show you all
my hauls ;-) The last one was a pearler.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.