Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Stratford Upon Avon - Home of Shakespeare

Prepare yourselves for lots of medieval building pictures, you know i luv 'em
Look at this street!!
Tudor World - interactive Tudor Era museum We missed the ghost tour - BOO
Next door - The Golden Bee.  Voted the nicest Wetherspoons in the country.
Ye Olde Chemist... kidding, it's probably a Boots.
Shakespeare's house Museum - Street-front. Like, Willy's ACTUAL HOUSE.
Shakespeare's house - Gardens. My edging does NOT look like this.
Shakespeare's House - back yard.
Williams Bedroom* (*surmising) As it's a Heritage site and museum these are all replica
furniture and original wall decoration - just like it would have been back in 15th Century England
The kitchen - Nerve center of any good home.
I freakin Love Tudor Museums - even rich people had to live in pretty rough conditions.
Looks like a fairytale village.
Just had to take a photo of this - the Thatched Tavern.
It's all wonky and has a thatched ROOF!  Love.
Shakespeare's 'Insults' - Bought at the museum gift shop
Use these next time someone takes the piss and watch the incomprehension dawning...

"Thou art a boil"
"Thou smell of mountain goat"
"I do desire we may be strangers"
"scratching could not make worse such a face as yours"

You don't have to be a Shakespeare fan to enjoy Stratford Upon Avon - it's a picturesque village with heaps of heritage activities, canals and boutique shopping. Five minutes out of town Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway's cottage is also an attraction, you can purchase a combined ticket with the museum.
Didnt get any shopping in but I did Instagram this shoe window - lovin the snake.

Are you guys a fan of the bard?

I also visited his rebuilt theater 'The Globe'(the original burnt down 3 times) 
on London's South Bank.
 Built in 1993 (if I remember correctly) it is the first building in the city to have a thatched roof since the fire of London in the 17th Century. #HistoryLecture
Had to snap this - it's just outside the Globe - for Facebook,
Auckland, New Zealand's at the top, only 11687 miles!
Anyway - this is an all together different post!
Happy Travels everyone.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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