Monday, 26 August 2013

#Manimonday - Braided Nails

Have been on a bit of a blogging holiday as I'm back in full time work now and don't have as much spare time to invest in Shoe Fiend :-( being a grown up sux!
But today I am sharing a manicure for #manimonday
I hope you re-create it and share the results with me:
Instagram : Paula Shoe Fiend
I've also been baking up a storm - Sunday baking!
AND I have a potential Shoe DIY in the pipeline for Shoesday, so stick with me!!
Are you guys enjoying Manimondays?
If you're trying any of these I would love to see the photos!
This was a particular blingin one I tried after watching one of 
Cutepolish's Youtube Tutorials (below) watch it here for the braid part of the tutorial
Hers are perfect.
 You will need: 3 polishes in complementary colors, I went with:
Rimmel #700 Block your green
Essie #210A Orange, it's obvious (na, seriously what it's called)
Revlon Top Speed #860 Metallic
I painted my index Orange, Pinky Green and the rest silver.
Now on the ring and thumb I did the braid pattern,
then on the rest I dabbed a bit of clear polish at the base of the cuticle (half moon) and sprinkled on glitter
 What do we reckon?
Finish off with a couple coats of clear top coat to keep the design (and glitter) in place.

And there we have it!
Were we inspired?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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