Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Shoesday 27.08.13

Hello fellow shoe fiends!!

For Shoesday today we are looking at some shoes that I never get the opportunity to wear - you know; heels too high, designs too loud, they hurt me beyond belief... that sort of thing:
I bought these half price online thinking they were the ultimate shoe porn, however once they arrived I quickly realized the platform is insane (they make me a giraffe) and the soles are super slippery!  So even if I ventured out in them, I could still die!
 These were a 6quid bargain from Newlook - I really only bought them because of the price..
they're very loud and once again the heel is a bit slippery.
 These shoes are just damn fine - even if they're a little too fancy and the heel is so high you almost fall forward with every step.
These shoes have become one of my trademarks... I use them as my avatar on some platforms ;-)
 These shoes get worn quite a bit - I just wanted to show you them because they're so cool
#crossword #pattern!  Clues inside:
Look at 13: Heinie - enough said.
I get comments on these shoes when I'm out and about.
 I should wear these boots more often but i feel they're also a bit too fancy...
Plus they're peep toed boots - how unpractical!!
These puppies are the sacrificial lambs in my next shoe DIY - haven't done one in AGES.  I have the paint, I'm just waiting for a less windy and not raining day so I can get to work!

Do you guys own any shoes you never wear because of the deathly platform or killer sole?
drop me a pic if you like, would love to drool over your shoe collections.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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