Wednesday, 17 July 2013

York - a medieval delight

Castle Tower - Up on a hill so you can spot marauders.

Ah - what to say about York? It was SO AWESOME the BF and I went for one night and ended up staying for 3! #Travelodge Holla!  It had a Wetherspoons next door!
Look at this little dude!  He's a baby owl!  Randomly outside the church there was a dude raising money for a bird sanctuary charity - you could put on the glove and hold all these birds of prey - this one was too cute I had to take a snap.  Doesn't look happy does he?
My MaxFactor haul from Boots.  They had 'spend 15 quid get free awesomness' so ofcourse I was right in there.  
Bought the 3in1 foundation (s'ok) and the grape nail polish to get all the other stuff free - watt watt.

Drinking buddy. This guy sits at the bar in The Golden Fleece, awesome old pub that's rumored to be really haunted. They have 4 rooms you can stay in, if you're not chicken!!  You can take a photo with him and pretend you're sharing a drink!
My led light kitty keyring, makes 3 loud mewing noises - goes off randomly and FREAKS ME OUT - purchased at "The largest Cat boutique in Europe" tiny shop full of catcessories (making up words again, it's what I do)
Washing in a boys pee will cure ringworm - well bless the heavens! Advice from Barley Hall - medieval reconstructed hall to show what life was like in Tudor England. Must visit.
Medieval Merchant Adventurers Hall - where all the rich merchants used to par-tay.
Medieval Merchant Adventurers Hall - Outside.  AMAZING building!  Built in the 1400's its still as solid as it ever was, built with GIANT oak beams and all interlocked with wooden pegs!  Oh and of course finished off with the obligatory sheep dung wattle and daub plaster.
"The Shambles" Awesome old street - I instagrammed it for added ambiance
Bought a travel diary from Paperchase - after travelling for 6 months - #notsmart.

York is an awesome city if you like food (we had the best Mexican meal down Clifford Street #random) and old stuff - their medieval sectors are remarkably well preserved!  But it'll cost you, oh yes, a pretty penny.  NOTHING is free, even the museums, so plan what you have to see and save hard ;-)

Have you guys been off anywhere exciting lately?
Share some snaps with me - Google + is right there ;-)

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.