Monday, 15 July 2013

Tutorial - Cork Board Necklace Organizer

It's Monday - BOO!!  So let us dive headlong into the week with a bit 'o' arts and crafts!
I have a confession to make - I thought I was a shoeddict (shoe addict, see what I did there?) but apparently I don't discriminate and after my long trip around the UK I suddenly have TOO MANY necklaces!!?  I weighed them when I packed them into my suitcase - there was over 1 kilogram in necklaces alone #problem.
So I've seen tutorials and DIY projects around the internet for necklace organizers and thought it looked fun so I decided to make my own!  
Read on for the tutorial and you can make your own!

You will need:
 * a Cork board (or two)
 * 2 contrasting paint colors (I chose black and white)
 * Paintbrushes
 * Push pins (to pin onto the board silly)
 * Chain to hang board + extra to attach second board if using.
 * Screw Hooks.
I've painted the border black and the cork a white wash.
(cork is very thirsty so if you want full color prepare to use a lot of paint)
 Use screw hooks to fasten the chain in which to hang the board from.
I used an old necklace I never wear!

If using 2 boards you can attach them to each other using chain and screw hooks.
I placed my screws 7 centimeters in from the edge. 
Almost there - we just need some *** BLING BLING ***

Et Voila!

Storage +
= multi-tasking

I find this type of storage great for multi-strand necklaces that get all tangled up in themselves if they're not hanging.

I also hang some necklaces off photo frames and candelabras and some I place into origami boxes arranged in drawers.

How do you organize your necklaces or jewelry for that matter?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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