Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Baking - Gingery Kisses

It's that time of the week again - BAKING!
Get ya apron on...

Gingery Kisses:

 I used to make the plain vanilla ones at work in the bakery - but the recipes was 20 times this - and I would make TWO batches at a time ;-) I know the recipe off by heart (it's a pretty small recipe Paula) These are super yum though and the added spice makes them a bit exotic!


200g Butter
 73g Icing sugar (confectioners/powdered)
210g Flour (plain NOT Strong or High grade)
1t Ground Ginger
1/2t Ground Cinnamon
(feel free to omit the spices and instead add a dash of vanilla for plain old melting moments


Cream butter and sugar until light and airy.  Sift together flour and spices (I sift it 4 times to make it really airy) then gently fold into butter mixture to form a soft dough. 
At this stage you can either roll into balls and flatten with a fork OR use a piping bag to make rosettes. (as there is no raising agent or egg these cookies remain the same - they don't rise or flatten, how they go into the oven is how they come out!)
Bake at 175C for approximately 12 mins or until just beginning to color and smell divine.
When cool match the cookies up with the same sizes and ice with butter cream flavored with raspberry jam. Alternatively just eat them as is!

These biscuits are SO yummy and because of their simple ingredients are ridiculously fool proof. 
A few tips for nice cookies are: Don't ever feel possessed to whip the the dough once you've added the flour - it may make a nice soft pipe-able dough but your cookie will be as flat as pancake when they bake as you've activated the gluten and destroyed its structure!
Don't over-bake cookies, if in doubt pull them out!  And always set on their hot tray for 5 minutes unless the recipe says otherwise.
In most recipes you can substitute half the white sugar for brown sugar - it adds richness and color.

P.S. do you like the plate they're sitting on?  I painted it at Splashy and they fire it for you.

Next Sunday: Coconut Kisses - on the right.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.