Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Shoesday 30.07.2013 - Shoesday gets weird.

Guess who's a SHOE DESIGNER?
Yeardley Smith - AKA LISA SIMPSON.

It started as a side project for Yeardley when she couldn't find a comfortable pair of heels - we've all been there, instead of searching endlessly she decided to make her own, a girl after my own heart.  So the shoes have space age technology memory foam inserts to keep them super comfortable and have less intense arches, some with platforms, to still give you that lift but not at the expense of your back!
Check out her line, it's actually not bad. 

Constance - Aqua

Martine - Apricot

Michelle - Apricot

Zoe - Coral
 And My favorite...
Eloise - Lilac
How cute is Eloise?
I love the chevron pattern on the heel and that flower is very Carrie Bradshaw.

What do you think of the collection?  Would you be willing to sacrifice your blisters for a little comfort from your shoes?
I actually have a couple pairs of heels that a super comfy!
I could hike in them literally...
My Leopard Roc boots - Post here. Guess I like Animal print.

I think it's the platform that keeps these shoes nice and snuggly.
Do you guys own a pair of heels you can wear all the live long day?

P.S. as I always say at the end of these posts - this isn't sponsored.
I came across these shoes and just had to share the random!  Enjoy.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.