Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In my Make-up Bag

Only the necessities live in here

I'm not all that adventurous with my face in regards to my make up... I am a huge believer in less is more and there fore abide by the rule of 'one feature at a time'  lips - OR - Eyes - OR - cheeks.  I always carry 3 lipsticks around in a little pouch in my handbag in case the mood strikes me - but the rest of the makeup has to last the whole day - no touch ups for me.
Fossil - Perfect size makeup bag - if it don't fit in here I don't need it!

Everything I need and nothing I don't
Blusher/eye shadow Palettes
 Clinique, Lancome, Maybelline.

Maybelline Eye shadow quad.  Revlon Mascara and eye kohl & Max Factor Eyeshadow duos.
Brushes, Mineral Powder Foundation, Concealer, Eyebrow pencil.
I have more make up in Storage back in New Zealand but I can't say I'm missing it - it doesn't pay to collect too much makeup as open containers grow bacteria and that sort of grosses me out.  Besides beauty products are a third cheaper here so I could always just buy something if I needed it - in fact before I go back I'm going to weigh my suitcase and go out shopping to fill it with makeup (mainly nail polishes me thinks)

What's in your makeup bags darlings?  Is there anything I'm missing that I must have?