Saturday, 9 February 2013

Best Shop Ever

You know how there are just some stores that draw you in and you keep coming back to?  For some people it's their favourite counter in a department store for others an interior design store.  For me it is Redcurrant in my home Town Hamilton New Zealand.  Every time I go in there I see something I MUST HAVE!  I've gathered a few of my recent purchases from them for your viewing pleasure - enjoy
I love this ornamental bird cage - I'm on the look out for some georg silk flowers to go inside.
Marshmallow perfume - so good I had to get the handbag sized oil as well.
Close up of the necklace - so pretty - definitely a statement piece

This little pouch goes everywhere with me in my handbag - including all the way to the UK!
How Cute is the bird print scarf - such a color!

I love MOR cosmetics - beautiful scents.
 If you live in New Zealand you could check them out - they have stores all over the country.
What stores do you go back to time and again?  Where you just know you're not leaving with out dropping some cash ;)