Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Shoesday Tuesday - Shoes too small? Pinching you in all the wrong places? Never fear - I have the solution for you... Shoe Stretching!

How cute is this fluffy bag...? Shoes - David Lawrence. Bag - Ooby Ryn
Arancini - Bag: Witchery
I love me some leopard print and these shoes are no exeption - they are however, half a size too small...
Do you ever try on shoes and they feel good, then you get them home and they've sudenly shrank!? These shoes were great when I bought them but the first tie I wore them, OUCH! I googled: "How to stretch shoes" there were a few results including: fill a small bag with water, push into toe of shoe and pop shoes into freezer. I tried this trick on my boots and it did work. Would be a good step if you have wide feet!
I then searched "shoe stretcher" on Trademe (New Zealand's answer to Ebay) and I picked up these puppies:
The front piece splits in two to stretch the toe, the plastics blobs are for strategic stretching if you have bunions. The end piece stretches your shoe length ways to accommodate your heel.
I used these stretchers on my boots too and stretched them a whole size - they're now my go to piece for cooler days. Boohoo.com have heaps of great over the knee boots at the moment, have a look. Coincidentally I find Boohoo shoes run small so I always size up.
Speaking of shoes, I am selling some. I'm trying to keep my collection down so this way as I buy new shoes I have to sell old ones!
I Love all of these shoes but I'm trying to be a bit more minimal in my shoebsession 😊
Do you guys like to cull every now and then or are you collector/hoarders?

Have you guys ever tried shoe-stretchers?

I can really recommend them - especially if you're an online shopper and cannot return ill-fitting shoes.

Happy shoesday everyone.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.