Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Shoesday Tuesday - Just a little shopping list - Now I'm trying to be conscious about any purchases.

 This insanely cute necklace from Les Nereides which I first saw in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia. It's sweets! On a necklace!

This window display is EVERYTHING...

I've decided the statement necklace is my thing.

A silk Shirt!
A must have - I want one in black too but first, a white silk shirt.

 And while no, I don't need any shoes... I would LOVE a pair each of these from Mi Piaci
The block heel and point toe is so wearable and chic plus the slingback means less bothering from blisters? I had a pair of leopard print pumps that I fully wore till they fell apart, so I'm REPLACING them?

I did want some leopard print Chelsea boots too but I just can't find the right ones... maybe because I don't really NEED them.

These are cute from Gorman

What about you guys?
Anything in particular on the shopping list?

I never used to MAKE shopping lists, just bought any old thing that took my fancy.
However, after cleaning out literally (not figuratively!) 95% of my wardrobe I've come to the hard realization that less is definitely MORE.

Have a great Shoesday Tuesday!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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