Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Shoesday Tuesday = Shoesday. Selling some shoes on Trademe, New Zealands own Ebay

 I love these shoes but in about 7 years Ive worn them maybe ONCE! So they're GONE
They've literally met their reserve and are GOING.

I like these shoes, but I've had enough of them
They feel dated now, someone else can enjoy them.

I bought these shoes on a whim and don't love them
so thought I would see how they do in a sale.

As you can see I buy shoes first, ask questions later...

I really want some over-the-knee boots...
These could do it: Diba Knee high boot from +Wild Pair 

Aaaaaand I bought these yesterday...

All in all the downsizing aint going so great.

Happy Shoesday All.

I also just bought some new black pumps!
At least I'm off-loading... as well as re-loading?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.