Tuesday, 14 April 2015

NOTD - My version of Cupcake Nails, a super fun nail art tutorial

So, these were mildly successful, so I'll show you how I got here
Remember: Patience.

Step 1: Paint yo nails...

Step 2: With a white striper (or white gel pen) 
draw your icing top and vertical lines down to your cuticles...

Step 3: Fill the icing top in with white.
Add some glitter nail polish for sprinkles!
Do a dot for the cherry on top.

Et Voila!!!
I've put glitter nailpolish over the top to look like sprinkles. 

Not as pretty (or as edible) as these cupcakes I made for 
SPCA (Society for the protection of Animals) Cupcake day!

*cough* If your don't look like this, soz dunno why!?
OOH! Always add a top coat to seal it all up!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.