Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Shoesday Tuesday - The week of the ten Pairs of new Shoes, damn you convenient online shopping

Shoe Fiend is back in all it's glory!
not my cat - he would NOT put up with this...

For my first Shoesday back I thought I would share with you the story of the week
I bought 10 pairs of new shoes... 
 even for me I know that is bad, or good, slice it how you want ;-)

First stop: NZsale (online outlet site)
Wedge lace-up platforms and pop-art flats
How cool are these bad-boys?

Next: Brands Exclusive (similar vein to NZsale)
A pair of flats in EVERY color - courtesy of Rubi Shoes
Just cheapy little run around flats, but you can never have too many flats say I...
Case in point - check out UNDER the shoe cabinet >:D

And Lastly: The Iconic 
(classy Australian based online boutique - they just started stocking River Island!!)

Pink Laser cut pumps, Neon Yellow Point-toed pumps, cut-out detail booties
They had 30% off - couldn't resist - All 'Spurr' Brand

This pic makes my feet look tiny - I'm a UK 7 though!

I saw these and HAD TO have them... they're real toe pinchers though :'(

Brands Exclusive and NZsale are outlet sites so their shipping is anywhere up to 6 weeks for delivery - which is a drawback, BUT when you have to have the shoes, you will wait.
The Iconic however being an Aussie based site,

I thought it would be at least a few days, took only 27 hours!  
I ordered them Monday Lunch time they arrived 3pm Tuesday - now that's fassst.

Another serious drawback with online shopping is you can't try anything on.  I was worried about the pop art shoes as I usually take a size up in flats, but they've stretched nicely and are super comfy now.  The Spurr heels from the Iconic are a little higher heel arch than I usually find comfortable, but they're so GORGE I wear them and bite through the pain.

What do you think of the haul - am I a genius or a MONSTER?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.