Friday, 25 April 2014

Casual Friday - Meet Lykke Li, the Swedish rockstar with all the talent

Today for Casual Friday I thought I would profile an artist I admire both for her talent but also her smoking hot style!

Anyone who can rock a hat gets my vote.

Born 1986 in Ystad, Sweden to a musician father and photographer mother she's moved around the world a bit to finally land in Brooklyn NY at age 21 to record her album. Her d├ębut Youth Novels, which is awesome, was released to the wider world around June 2008 and produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John fame (you know that 'Young Ones song'...). Her music is a cool blend of Indie rock, pop and electronic - check her out on youtube.

Her second Album Wounded Rhymes was released 2011 and named album of the year by a whole bunch of publications who know their sh*t: Rolling Stone, New York Times, Mojo (!!)
My fav song off the album is I follow Rivers. I've left it's official art house video below for your viewing pleasure.

But she doesn't just have her hands in the music pie - in 2010 she was named Levi's 'Curve ID' official face along with Pixie Geldof and in 2012 joined with Viva Model Management Agency. She's also done some acting in the Swedish Crime Film Tommy #talent

On the Cover of Mode
I reckon I need to try some of these jeans, my ass defies convention.

Clearly she's been busy and she's about to be busier when her New album drops May 5th

Have a great weekend everyone.
Stay Stylish.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.