Friday, 27 September 2013

Necklace DIY tutorial - How to transform a so so necklace into a POPPING one

Who ♥'s DIY?

While out terrorizing the shops I came across these necklaces,
underwhelming as they are I almost didn't purchase them...
But then I remembered that old trick that never fails me...
 Nail polish + boring necklace = KICKASS NECKLACE
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And now to the method:
 Apply a few coats of white nail polish if the stones are dark (as mine are)
As I demonstrate here to great effect.

 Just planning what colors go where.
Once again - whiting out the stones.
I've left some blue to go with the other colors.
Went with a fetching neon theme - I like my Adornment LOUD.

And the final reveal...


Isn't it #totesamaze?

I think both these pieces will only need a crisp white shirt to really sing.
Actually I'm thinking about pairing the red necklace with a gold top I have...

What do you guys think?

Have I convinced you all to try it for yourself?  And have you ever tried it?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.