Saturday, 20 April 2013

The "Trip" on Instagram

I freakin LOVE instagram!  
These are a few of my travel snaps I uploaded while pounding the pavement...

< View of Millenuim Stadium from Cardiff Central
Train Station - London Here I come.

> Angela's Emperors Crown Tea - How Pretty!

< Monument Outside St Pauls Cathdral

> St Pauls Cathedral

 < Window for a random Candy store in London Regent St if I remember - I love lollies ;-)

> Street art down Brick Lane in East London.
 Vintage Shopping is INSANE in East London - Particularly Brick Lane

< Wall 'o' bags in East London Vintage Store

> High Tea at One Aldwych

< Perth Train

shoe store in
 I love this picture - Street art in Glasgow
 < Highland Band Buskers in Glasgow!            Isak (the band) in "The Only Student Bar In Perth >

Above: New newy newness - could'nt resist taking a snap of my recent aquisitions.

Left: Window for this insane Bakery in St Andrews Scotland "Fisher & Donaldson"

Below Left: View of Edinburgh from 
Arthur's Seat

Below Right: The Awesom foliage (and booze) at "The Dome" in Edinburgh

 < The Stand Comedy Club - Laughed my ASS off - how awks ;-)

> The Stand - Stage, very intimate.

< Vegetarian Burger with Haggis spices - 
@ The Stand Comedy Club.

> Me and Ange's room in Edinburgh - The Purple Room @ Randolph Guest House.

< View from Inside Edinburgh Castle

> Dolly the Sheep - First Successful mammal clone @ National Museum of Scotland.

So did you enjoy the trip?

I'm going to be posting about this trip for the next month so I sincerely HOPE so ;-)

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.