Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New necklaces!!! *sort of

Do you have any necklaces lying around that you don't wear?
Are they an underwhelming color?
Not quite what you need?
♥♥  Never fear!!!!  ♥♥
Paula the-endless-font-of -creatspiration (not a word) is here to show you how to
TRANSFORM that necklace into a shiny new-ish masterpiece!!!

Ok so this post started off a little goofy, but CHECK THIS OUT!!!
Take one underwhelming necklace: New look
And some nailpolishes in the colors of your choice
< < The Inspiration via Jseverdayfashion        Apply generously to the beads you want to color > >
 And Voila!

 A totes exciting new Necklace for your collection!!
 I chose an ombre effect.  Starting with dark green and moving down to yellow!
 Now I just need a new dress to wear with it!

And she does it again...

                 Paint the beads white first.

 Then Red (to give a deeper pink) then Pink.
 Then I added a coat of glitter polish to add some sparkle and shine.
 And it's as easy as that!

 You can do it with any necklace!!  A few tips I could give you are: 
1. Do a coat of white first if the beads are a dark color.
2. Take your time and let the polish dry in between coats.
3. Use blu-tack to keep round beads still while you apply polish
4. Add a top coat of glitter polish for extra sparkle!

Some of my other projects:
 Formally a boring black beaded necklace - I was inspired by Dannijo's vibrant collections.
I did this one last year when Neon was first cropping up but wasn't available in many stores
Oh how times change...

What do you think of this... 
Will you be taking to any of your accessories with nailpolish?