Monday, 31 July 2017

Sunday Instagram Catch-up: Catstagramming,wintry weather, staring cows, Cupcakes, Shoestagrams and a movie

Hi everyone!

This past fortnight has been really cold in Tauranga - the last few mornings it's been zero degrees Celsius and frost on the ground!

1. Norman the tuxedo cat.
2. The sea-view from our Living room.
3. I made cupcakes: Toasted coconut & White Chocolate. Strawberry Choc chip.
4. Trying to take a photo of the sunset - looked great reflected in our front window.
5. Gratuitous shoe shot of my Rose Gold Mules and NYDJ trousers :-)
6. Staring cows in Waitetuna (my sister has a farm in the Waikato)
7. Street art outside the local cafe - Little rat soldier.
8. Pictures of the frost - was a beautiful day, but cold!
9. Went to see Baby Driver at the Movies - was SUCH a great film! Recommended.

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♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.