Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Online shopping - Topshop boots, Bardot dress at the Iconic and Glassons shoes - is online shopping a disease? I may have it

I CANNOT WAAAIT until these studded 'Madness' boots from Topshop arrive!!! I've been stalking them for months, they just went on sale and were getting very low (according to them) so I bit the bullet and bought them... They'll be able to do double duty year round as they're a boot, but still kind of a sandal!

Also this DIVINE slip dress by Bardot Australia from The Iconic (like an Australian ASOS)

Look at the PRINT. It'll be so perfect for summer and as it's pretty sunny here in Tauranga I'll get A LOT of wear out of it. I already have a plain black dress exactly like this and it ROCKS... so I can't go wrong?

I also just LAST WEEK picked up these 2 pairs, Black velvet ankle boots and some Rose Gold peep toe mules from Glassons - Like New Zealand's Topshop. I REALLY need to cut up my debit card now or I wont be able to afford our November trip to AUSTRALIA!!!!

Have you guys bought anything cute lately?
Happy shopping everyone.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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